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You now have a realistic alternative for connecting to the Internet!
and it's Fast!

Sevierville Tennessee High Speed Internet Service Provider
 Serviced Area

Sims Road - Fairgarden - Parrotts Chapel
Holbert Cemetery - Anglers Woods
Buckhorn Rd - Island View
and all arteries off these.
We are Gary & Alina Wakerley of Foxfire Way and we know the struggles and frustrations of getting a reasonable Internet service in our particular area. Over time we've had Satellite, AT&T cards and Sprint cards. For us, Satellite was a waste of time and the Air cards were expensive and restrictive. Last year we were fortunate to get a dedicated T1 line installed from Hwy. 411 right to our house and we have since enjoyed uninterrupted high speed Internet connection with unlimited upload and download. This service is high cost and usually only used by businesses. T1 service is designed to handle many multiple users without loss of speed. T1 is 3-5 times faster than Satellite Internet and we now have 2 T1 lines to adequately handle increased traffic.
  The Equipment Required

The Service - What You Get!
The Contract 

You will need a small Directional Antenna or an Omni Aerial attached to your roof fascia and this cost runs at $180 and you own this equipment which is fully installed by us and connected to your existing router or directly into your PC.

No one else can connect to your service as your system is password protected, however your guests will have access using your password.

The easiest way to gauge the value of our service is to do a speed test on your existing connection and compare it to ours. To do this now Click Here and then click on any of the eight cities and wait for the results. The image below is the speed you can expect from us!

Unlimited Download & Upload:
Most Internet Providers limit your monthly download and penalize you for going over that limit. Our service is unlimited - you will never be charged more than the monthly fee!

We connect the service, you evaluate it for a week and if you're happy that it's everything it is supposed to be, then you pay for the equipment, we shake hands and you start paying your monthly fee for the months you use it. If you're only at your cabin for say 3 months then pay for those 3 months. We've got to keep it friendly, honest, fair and simple.

 Installation and Back Up Service
The service is supported by local communications company East Tennessee Telecom who install the equipment at the your end and also provide you with ongoing technical support.
They keep us running smoothly!

What Does it Cost?
There is one plan and one fee
$65 per month
If you are only here on weekends or during summer etc. then you pay only for the time you are here.

 Your Existing Contract
If you want our service but you have an existing contract then under some circumstances we will provide your service free until your contract runs out. Or we may give you the equivalent free time equal to the cost of canceling your existing contract - Talk to Us!


We proudly support the Parrotts Chapel Volunteer Fire Department by providing Free Internet Service

 Call Us! 865 387 8707

The Future:
Once (if?) we reach 30 customers, we will convert to a Fiber Optic 10meg. connection. This would give each client additional speed - from 2.8mbps to around 8.5mbps at no extra cost. Current 4G pricing is 5GB and 10GB plans at $50 and $80 per month respectively with a $10/GB overage fee, so you can see that our $65/month Unlimited service really stacks up well.

We are all neighbors and collectively we can help each other. The reality is that we can go from being an Internet Connection Wasteland to having the best householder connection in the country. We've made a great start and we're on our way.........


 Current Clients

Reserved Spaces

0 - 30 clients = 2 x T1 lines (3meg)
30 clients
= 10meg Fiber Optic
50 clients = 20meg Fiber Optic





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